Solar Energy

Solar Heating Thermal Fluid

SHS 2000 is a thermal fluid that has been formulated for use in solar heating systems such as flat plate and vacuum tube collectors to ensure the highest heat transfer efficiency between the solar collector and the thermal store. The specific inhibitors in SHS 2000 provide an excellent protection to the metals used in solar installations against corrosion and deposits.


SHS 2000 prevents the internal surfaces fouling, maintaining the thermal efficiency. SHS 2000 has a very good resistance to thermal degradation at higher working temperatures (>200°C) and it provides freeze protection of the circuit at temperatures as low as -28°C, with a superior fluid life.

Solar Heating Panel Cleaner

SHS 2200 is designed for use as a cleaner for solar heating system circuits containing flat plate solar collectors and is a specially formulated, mildly alkaline product. The thermal fluids used in solar heating systems using flat plate collectors may degrade over time because of prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures.


This degradation process is indicated by a darkening of the fluid, which reduces the lifetime of the thermal fluid, and also has the following adverse effects on the operation of the system: thermal fluid viscosity increases and solid deposits may form which result in blockages.


In order to restore the efficient operation of the solar heating system it is necessary to drain the degraded thermal fluid, clean the system with SHS 2200 to remove any sludge, deposits or blockages, and refill the system with a thermal fluid which is especially formulated to resist thermal degradation and so extend fluid life.

Solar PV Panel Cleaner

Photovoltaic panels are installed on roofs or on mounting brackets around the home and must be exposed to direct sunlight in order to function. Cleaning the panels regularly will provide better performances and reduce expensive utility bills.


Photovoltaic panels need cleaning because they are exposed to the elements and accumulate all types of pollutants depending on their location. These can include traffic film, atmospheric dust and salt in coastal regions. This build-up of pollutants blocks out a degree of sunlight with a loss of efficiency and a reduction in the maximum amount of electricity produced.


SHS 2600 is an aqueous biodegradable glass cleaner. SHS 2600 uses high performance dispersants and surfactants to protect the glass surface from damage during contact cleaning, such as when using sponges or water-fed poles. SHS 2600 reduces the surface tension of the water and does not leave films or residues. SHS 2600 is also designed to remove scale deposits.


SHS 2625 is a nanotechnology-based transparent coating polymer designed to protect PV panel surfaces. SHS 2625 has hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties. The self-cleaning effects stop dust and bird faeces from sticking to PV panels, maintaining efficiency and ensuring the maximum amount of electricity is produced. SHS 2625 repels water more quickly than uncoated self-cleaned glass and it is more efficient during the inclement weather.

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