Commercial Water

Commercial Building Water Treatment

Water treatment in commercial building water systems is essential to avoid corrosion and scale: problems which can result in energy wastage, poor system performance, and the need for early component replacement.

The critical step is to ensure that the water systems are treated correctly from day one and that the systems are correctly cleaned, commissioned and treated with a corrosion/scale inhibitor from the start.

The correct commissioning and effect treatment reduces the consequences of poor water treatment which can be severe and include:

  • Reduced efficiency
  • Increased energy costs
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Higher fuel usage
  • System downtime

Combined Chemical Services has products developed specifically for commercial building applications.

Our Range Of Treatments

DHS 3050
A BuildCert Approved multipurpose treatment to inhibit metal corrosion, scale, boiler noise and gas formation in all type of heating and closed cooling systems.


DHS 3820
A heavy duty system cleaner for restoration of old systems or the commissioning of new commercial heating and closed cooling systems. The advanced technology penetrates and removes iron oxide and calcium based deposits from heat exchangers, radiators and pipe work.

DHS 3700
A stabilised biocide for heating and closed cooling systems to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. The DHS 3700 eliminates problems caused by micro-organisms such as blockages of the pipe work, manifolds, valves and heat exchangers, unpleasant smells and corrosion of system metals.


DHS 3602
A highly effective biocide specifically formulated for microbial growth control over a wide spectrum of bacteria and other micro-organisms found in waters. DHS 3602 penetrates microbial biomass and facilitates the biofouling removal from surfaces with a highly effective biocide action.

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